Now Offering Extended Payments Through Klarna

Now Offering Extended Financing Through Klarna!

When you think of budgeting, most of the time you think of your regular monthly expenditures – things like your utility bills, the car, and mortgage payments, and even your gas and grocery expenses. But now and then, you have some larger purchases. For something special,  like a vacation or a new home, it takes planning and work to put the money aside, and often, it can be challenging.

Hiring an attorney to create an Estate Plan is also a special thing; it is the type of expenditure that does not fit easily into a monthly budget for most people. Yet, it is one of the most important investments you can make for your family’s financial security and peace of mind. At eLegacy, we know that the size of that investment can be one of the reasons that hold you back from creating your Estate Plan, even though you know you need to do it, and even though it may be weighing on your mind more and more with each passing month.

Well, eLegacy has just made it easier for you to move forward with creating that Estate Plan. By arranging your payments through Klarna, it is now possible to pay your bill in 36 monthly installments, so you can easily build it into your monthly budget.  

What is Klarna, and How Does It Work?

Klarna was founded in Sweden in 2005 and was a pioneer in e-commerce financing. Now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, it partners with individuals and with businesses to enable consumers to “buy now and pay later” without some of the hassles and burdens of traditional credit card financing issues. Since its founding, it has grown to serve over 150 million customers in 45 countries. Over 450,000 businesses like eLegacy partner with them to allow clients to easily extend payments over time for large purchases.

Klarna offers several different payment options for consumers. eLegacy’s Klarna payment option will allow clients to finance their payments for up to 36 months, with payments automatically deducted from the client’s account. Set-up is easy and straightforward and can be done directly from eLegacy’s payment gateway.

With eLegacy’s extended payment option through Klarna, you can stop hesitating, and exercise control of your financial future now.

There’s No Need To Put Your Estate Plan Off Any Longer

Your Estate Plan is not just about what happens when you die, but part of a larger financial strategy. To be truly effective in stabilizing your financial future and taking care of your family now and after you pass away, it should encompass every aspect of your financial situation: your physical assets, your investments, your income, and your retirement funds. 

Working with your financial planner, your CPA or tax advisor, and your estate attorney, you can truly take stock of your family’s situation to come up with a plan that covers all the bases: protecting your assets, providing for a planned and comfortable retirement, making sure your medical costs and decisions will be taken care of and preserving your wealth from exposure to loss through market downturns and taxes while still providing for your family’s needs now. At eLegacy, we partner with several different professionals and can help you assemble a team of qualified professionals to assist you.

The sooner you put a financial and Estate Plan into place, the more assured you will be about the financial decisions you make moving forward. When you have a goal in mind and know whether your decisions move that plan forward or detract from it, you can free yourself from stress and worry. Sure, life may throw you a few curves in the years ahead, but you’ll be prepared.
To find out more about creating an Estate Plan, or if you have any questions about how our payment options through Klarna can help you get moving on building your financial future, contact eLegacy today.