Our Process

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– it’s a simple 5-step process.

Step #1

Complimentary Consultation

In this first meeting, we cover some of the basics of estate planning. We also try to learn more about you – your background, family, goals, and concerns. From there, we’ll identify the estate planning strategies we think will best accomplish your objectives.
At the end of this meeting, we will quote you a flat fee for a comprehensive, customized estate plan. This fee covers the entire cost of your plan from start to finish. NO SURPRISES!
Step #2

Design Meeting

Once you have decided to move ahead, we will schedule a design meeting where we work through the details of your customized plan.

Estate planning concepts will be presented to you in plain English and using easy-to-understand outlines and diagrams.

Sometimes, you may be presented with topics or questions that you had not previously considered, and it may require more than one design meeting to work through all the subtleties. The important thing is that we’ve spent the time necessary to learn all about you, address your concerns, and design a plan that will carry out all of your wishes.

Step #3

Drafting & Review

Once the design process is complete, we will get to work drafting the various documents needed to implement your plan, including the will, trust (for trust-based plans), healthcare and financial powers of attorney, and other necessary documents.

When first drafts are completed, we will ask you to review them and provide any comments, questions, or feedback.

If changes need to be made, we will revise the drafts (multiple times, if necessary) until you are completely satisfied with your documents.

Step #4

Signing & Delivery

Once the review and revision process is complete and we have your final approval, we will mail your documents to you in an organized estate planning portfolio and will schedule your signing meeting.

At the signing meeting, which is held via special videoconference, we will observe you signing your documents and will notarize them virtually.

For Will-based plans, the estate plan is essentially complete at this point.

Step #5

Funding (for Trust-Based Plans)

For Trust-Based Plans, there is an additional step of “funding” the trust. Funding refers to the process of transferring or re-titling assets into the name of the trust. (For example, The John and Jane Doe Living Trust.) Without funding, the trust may not work as intended.
We typically take care of real property transfers (which are done using signed and recorded deeds) at the signing meeting.
For other assets, such as bank accounts, retirement accounts, and investments, we will work with you to properly retitle the accounts and/or update beneficiary designations as necessary.
With funding complete, you can have the confidence that the trust will accomplish its intended purposes, which includes avoiding probate.

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What our customers are saying.

“The whole experience went very smoothly. The videoconference meetings were a breeze and very convenient.”

Kathy from Bellevue, WA

“The staff was super friendly. Our client coordinator, Leah, was a joy and was constantly checking in to make sure our questions were answered. We felt like everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand. We were very happy with the experience.”

Monica and Brett from Redmond, WA

“A great product, and it didn’t feel like I was sacrificing anything in terms of quality. My attorney obviously had a lot of experience with estate planning and recommended several solutions that I hadn’t considered but will work well for my family.”

Todd from Moses Lake, WA

“This was an excellent service and a great company to work with. We’ve since recommended eLegacy to several of our friends.”

Craig and Teresa from Bothell, WA

“We had wills done several years ago and needed to update our plan to a trust. We thought the online process worked out great. Even though we’re not very techy savvy, it was easy to figure out.”

Gerald and Sandy from Spokane, WA

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