Our Customers

know they’re our highest priority.

Exceeding Expectations

While the hallmark of eLegacy is that we are experienced estate planning attorneys, our client team takes great pride in being client-centric. In other words, we put you first!

Our client-facing teams are the foundation of a positive client experience. We empower our attorneys and paralegals to deliver a positive client experience and a superior custom estate plan that exceeds your expectations.

One size does not fit all. When you retain eLegacy you will be assigned a dedicated Team consisting of an Attorney, Paralegal, and Client Relations Coordinator who will work with you throughout the process. Your Attorney will work diligently with you through the discovery phase to understand your individual needs and considerations in setting up your customized estate plan to take care of your loved ones when you are gone.

The eLegacy client teams are:

  • Experienced estate planning practitioners
  • Well-versed in current estate planning trends and techniques
  • Clear communicators who will cut the legalese
  • Good listeners, so they understand your goals
  • Attentive to the little details that make the difference

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What they have to say:

“Not having a will or trust had been weighing on us for a while. It feels good to have this taken care of, and it was a lot less scary than we thought it would be.”

Ian and Rebecca from Puyallup, WA.

“eLegacy took a lot of the pain out of creating my trust. The staff was friendly and helpful and made the process easy.”

Tom from Issaquah, WA.

“I have a child with special needs. Working with eLegacy, I was able to put together a trust that I know will take care of him when I’m gone.”

Lynne from Renton, WA.

“I was nervous about trying to create an estate plan by myself. It was nice to work face to face with an attorney and know it was being done right. Very much worth it.”

Victoria from Kirkland, WA.

“eLegacy’s process worked out great for us. We’re pretty busy and it can be hard to get around to something like this. It was incredibly convenient to be able to create our estate plan from our home.”

Jennifer and Jeff from Bainbridge Island, WA

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